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How I got to teach French to preschoolers...

Bonjour ! Je m'appelle Cécile and I am a French native. I immigrated to the USA in 1998 when I studied psychology in Los Angeles. I worked in mental health for 10 years and taught French to a few adult students on the side. When I had my son and became a nanny so I could bring him along with me at work, I discovered how much I enjoyed the company of toddlers and preschoolers ! 

I just love how young kids are in perpetual amazement about little things we take for granted and how they live in the now.  


When my son started Kindergarten, I became a preschool teacher at

a Reggio Emilia inspired preschool in Nashville with a French immersion program.


With the years, I experimented with different techniques, learning from my mistakes and finally creating my own innovative multi sensory French for preschoolers curriculum.           I have learned that young children learn French better through songs and with toys or props ( stickers, pictures...) .                                                                                     Unfortunately most of the existing French songs for children were either outdated (Think about "Frère Jacques" referring to the times that monks were in charge of waking up villagers by ringing the bells of the church ! ) or too wordy and therefore too difficult to learn.                                                                                                                                            So with the help of my musician husband, we created very easy and fun French songs,

great to memorize basic vocabulary.                                                                                          Most of the French teaching Dvd and Cd on the market were also too wordy and by overwhelming little ones with too much vocabulary, they were turning them away from the joy of learning French !                                                                                                                 My method worked so well that parents of my preschoolers were telling me that their kids would sing the songs at home and teach them words !                                                            I also learned that teaching French properly to kids should equally focus on expression and proper pronunciation.                                                                                                          In general, preschoolers before age 3 have an opportunity to learn French and sound just like a French native without the hint of any American accent.                                              This is why my method to teach French focuses on repeating words. So after watching my

and my

my little students were using all their French vocabulary in their daily lives and seemed to really enjoy speaking French words !

Some of my students were so interested in speaking French that they requested more lessons. This is how I started to teach private and group French lessons for young children first and extended my services to their older siblings and parents.                                            Why should you teach French to your kids ?                                                                         Check out why French is a rapidly growing language worldwide and how it is a great workout for young and older brains by visiting