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French in the Park  216 Claytie Court, Nashville 37221 TN     (615) 636-7476

"Sing and Sign" groups in the Park: Learn French and American Sign Language through songs:  Parent/child (0 to 6years old)

Come with your babies,toddlers and children under 6 for a fun and educational group. We'll learn French vocabulary through songs and we'll sign the words too. I am teaming up with Ghenet Lee-Yong, teacher and creator of Advent Nature a nature immersion program and ASL instructor. We're adding kinesthetic learning (through movement with signing) to our new vocabulary. This helps young children with memorization of new words.

Groups are 30 minutes at Sevier Park and $10 per child, $17 for two siblings and no charge for accompanying parents.

Email us to register :

                           SUNDAY     March 24th  at  3:30pm until 4:00pm

French for Preschoolers

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Why not come try our fun French classes for preschoolers ?  Our French classes can be 30 minutes or 60 minutes depending on what fits your child better. The lessons can be private or group. Either way, we make learning French entertaining by combining games, crafts, sticker activities and songs. Our French lessons focus simultaneously on comprehension and expression and maximize memorization by engaging children on all sensory levels.

Before signing up your preschooler(s) for face to face lessons, pick up your copy of our

for your child to effortlessly learn some basic vocabulary. In no time your child will be singing our French songs.

You can also watch


French lessons for Kids


Our French lessons for kids are very dynamic, engaging and multi sensory as well but they also include some grammar, reading and writing. Check out this short sample of a learning activity.

How to get 8 year olds interested in learning French ? By giving them water guns ! The directions are to squirt le poisson rouge (red fish), l'oiseau bleu (blue fish), le poisson jaune (yellow fish), l'oiseau jaune, le poisson bleu, l'oiseau rouge. While having fun, the kids effortlessly learn through repetition 2 names of animals and 3 colors. They also learn that the color adjectives go after the nouns, that both fish (poisson) and bird (oiseau) are masculin, that the article le becomes l' when preceding a noun that starts with a vowel.




              Check out our                   for the word of the day, clips, specials and more !

Meet at the shelter by toddlers playground.